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Friday, June 5, 2009


Shanmugha Soccer

ஷண்முகா கால்பந்து குழு

What happens with 30 ppl and a football.

I have heard people say -Football was never my cup of tea. In my case football was always after the cup of tea (or what was supposed to be tea). Every evening, after sipping a cuppa hot water (read tea) and swallowing down snacks, we used to go out to play what everyone else called football and we called it, well foot on the ball.

Players, Positions

1. Ramgiri a.k.a Delay Bass – Striker, midfield

2. Auto a.k.a Felix – Defender (Full back, Left Back, Right Back, Gravity prone), midfielder

3. TP a.k.a Vijay Shankar- Defender(Own Goal), Midfield

4. Baski a.k.a Thotti a.k.a Bucketthaa – Defender (fullback –alex), Def Midfield (Essien), winger(Tata)

5. Kaushik a.k.a Kaushik – Forward (lone forward beside the GK)

6. Moota a.k.a Mahesh – Winger(Left or Right)

7. Endhu a.k.a Harish (myself) – Defender( Right , Centre), Midfielder (Right)

8. Amrith a.k.a Rajsekara – Midfielder(right central, Attacking)

9. Dutch Bonda a.k.a Beno – Striker (forward), Midfield

10. Bounce a.k.a Surakshith – Goal keeper ( Acrobat Keeper)

11. Puli a.k.a Prabhakaran – Defender(Left,Right and centre, wild)

Along with the above mentioned players there were guest appearances from Jackson (like) and his incredible roommate Salim, Defender Cuttu,Pathsarthi, Koundamani Thatha etc. Those who do not find their names on this list are either too good footballers or do not comply with our team requirements and the entertainment quotient.

Our misadventures and other reports continue in successive posts.


Evil Inc. said...

Berba Murthy?? Goalkeepaash ???
Gabbu the stinker ? come on man !!!

Harry said...

Yup da, i mentioned a footnote i guess. In my opinion, they re footballers so they were not ignored but politely left out. Aash perhaps needs a look in

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