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Monday, June 15, 2009

10 Things I miss about SASTRA!

It has Just been about a couple of weeks since college ended. All this while that I've been absolutely vetti, I've pondered on writing something that would be a fitting encapsulation to the past 4 years of my college life. Well I think this post would be one. I have tried to put into words all those things that have made my day for the 4 years. Here it goes. They are in no particular order or preference.

1. Moments of Mad-Mess!
2. Going Hammer and Tongs
3. 11.10 to 11.30- 'Break'ing the Habit
4. Water, Water Everywhere
5. Movies that moved me
6. L.A.N
7. Why Five?
8. I.Pee.Yell
9. A Class Act!


Evil Inc. said...

Wht abt studies ?? LOL
and on a more serious note, crossie ??

VJ said...

machi... i am glad that u put mess as ur first choice . u forgot the bajji and gold-cup ! ! !

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