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Friday, June 12, 2009


I am not so comfortable with Sharp instruments!

Just the last week, having spent six hours to watch a 2 hour english movie(should be trying to watch), i decided it was time to let go of my hair. Not that I had too much, but not for nothing was I known as snake in the grass, wave in the head etc. Never have I had a good haircut. Wait, there would be one. But it was back at Tirupathi, it would hardly qualify as a haircut. Still coming back to last week, I got up and had one last look at what remained on my head. Frantically adjusting the part of the hair on the front of my head, I set out to the nearby barber's.

I have always been fascinated by people who have cut and tried to style my hair. I say tried to because after all the cutting part, there's this small part of hair on the front that would refuse to budge either way. I have seen barbers spend the most of their time and their patience on it, in vain. Perhaps I am every barber's nightmare???

The one funny thing about my hair is its desperation. Everytime I start to the Saloon, it tries to feign obedience. Now , that is not so hard to spot. Ordinarily, my hair tries to align itself in all possible directions. Sometimes I feel that my hairline was the inspiration for the discovery of the fourth dimension. But I don't give in and bravely proceed to get it cut. I don't know if it's me or the barber, cos i never seem to get it right. But the funny thing is that I can get my hair cut as long it is still der on top of my head, however unruly.

I know a lot of my friends would agree with me when I say that there are very thin lines between youth and middle age (or kezhats as its called in colloquial tamil), in my opinion , there are two - Waist line and the hair line. :)


Evil Inc. said...

keladu machi ...
not kezhatu :)


Evil Inc. said...

Most ppl are happy tht they got hair at the front and you're complainin ? Surely you are jokin Mr.Feynman !

VJ said...

hey... i dint expect this from u . :(

shriram said...

vex:(.. next entry sandu bondu :P...

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