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Sunday, July 12, 2009

What it takes to be BeauCanon?

What a week for australian cricket! They let Monty (not the python) save the day for England. Well the real action started much earlier with one BeauCanon releasing a book on cricket and going by the number of times his book has been mentioned (in the indian media) it looks like he has made a clever move. This clever move should not be confused with those he made at a club where a fake player made more news than the real ones.

Coming back to the commercial tactics undertaken by BeauCanon, he took a dig (or more) at the indians he adores so much. Some of the recipients were ,little master one, little master two(not to be confused with reality show sequels), Turbanator and the Princes (of Kolkata and Patiala). One shouldn't forget that he had also showered praises at his former (what a relief it is to say so) employer King Khan. Actually he also went out to praise PoK(Prince of Kolkata- Wat else were u thinking) and downplayed the Patiala prince's ability to emulate or even better the prince of kolkata. Surely this would've been music to PoK's ears but he ,being the southpaw that he is, attacked Beau. What Beau (purportedly) says about LittleMaster I is supposedly based on LittleMaster's bias (against the Aussies?). He goes on to attack another Mumbaikar who became LittleMaster II, by questioning his effectiveness in the shortest form of the game( to this minute, bcos the ICC might attempt to reduce t20 into a five over affairs with StrategicBreaks).

The Turbanator was named the best disguised villain , so to speak. Now BeauCanon's multiple captaincy theory might ve been rejected he showered praise at KingKhan. Beau was couple of weeks late as he had already lost his job at the club. So to speak Beau would ve hopefully sold a couple of copies in Australia, but his has been a bestseller(!) in india ,with thousands vying for a copy. Unlike other big sellers Beau's copies will hit the street soon.

P.S -
The deliberate misspelling (BeauCanon) was deliberate in order to aid regional newsreaders who have for long launched a scathing attack on his name (ranging from ButchNaan to Bhoothnath! Even FIP did justice to the australian by keeping Beau's identity secret )

StrategicBreaks are a far cry from the I.Pee.Yell. They can be taken between the overs, during the press conferences etc.

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