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Monday, July 13, 2009


In economic meltdown times, every government can do with money from tourism. Having seen umpteeen sci-fi flicks where aliens, predators, predators and aliens, godzilas etc take over New York(Yaaawn), one cannot wait the same happen here out in India. Think about it, all these elements in an Indian city would be a great sight right?

Probably not, well just to say a Godzilla enters (singara)Chennai. Just a proposition, may never happen. But a Godzilla(Kaaatu-Jilla in tamil) may have tough time wading through the crowd at T.Nagar. Probably no one would notice the poor thing mistaking it for just another Mega Building until it opens it's mouth. The other thing that a prospective invading alien may face in Chennai would be parking space. Where would it land that big a mother ship. In all english movies Aliens either get wiped down(with a small herd still lurking in the depths to pounce at the time of the sequel) or wipe the planet down, here CommercialCinemaDiktats would have them waiting till the climax(which comes after the Incredible Gaaana(song) song). Most aliens cannot wait for the 2 and a half hours and walk off(like many of the theater-goers). So this is why the next big film will not have an 80ft monster or 1000s of space ships invading the country.!!!

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Hobbes said...

Have you checked in Saravana Stores ?? It might be there ;)

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