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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life in the time of Swine Flew!

Health and hygiene seem to have hit a new high (or is it low?) in the country since a certain virus took over almost half the planet. Well, this might seem like Resident Evil or some of those SciFi movies, but it is true. What started not more than two months ago in Mexico is officially a global pandemic. Thanks to globalisation and reduced international air travel fares, Swine flu has officially taken the lives of almost 50 people in this country. Just the last week , TV channels began to put up numbers indicating the no of victims of the deadly disease. It was quite an ugly site with some of 'em putting nos at their own choice.

As a matter of fact, our country (atleast the majority of it) does not subscribe to even the basic diktats of hygiene. We are in essence a soft candidate to the disease which some are even frightened to say out loud. It could even become a cult one day such as you-know-who disease and I am not referring to Lord Voldemort here. As to when this disease would subside in this country remains more illusive than the everyday crossword. Every day contrasting reports come out making people even more anxious. And it is quite terrifying to find people wearing masks. It does give a kind of spooky horror movie feeling. And Mr. Swine seems to be very cunning indeed as it seems to have broken barriers of Language, caste, race , age and gender to infect almost every indian in sight. It is truly an Indian disease so to speak , since it has (as we have read in our civics text books) found unity in diversity. Whatever that means. So to say, there will be more masks seen is no consolation for me. Lets hope we can put up till turkey flu strikes.

P.S Chilean scientists have found H1N1 in turkeys. I don't seem to understand why the virus has taken a particular liking to the culinary delights of the Carnivorous!

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